Dr. Mustofa M. Kamal

Dr. Mustofa M. Kamal

Environmental Expert

Ph.D. in Environmental Science, School of Public Health, University of Texas, USA. 1999.

M.S. in Environmental Science, School of Public Health,University of Texas, USA, 1995.   

B.Sc. Engg. (Civil), BUET, Dhaka, 1965. 

Dr. Mostafa M. Kamal, is an Environmental Specialist having more than 42 years of experience to carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) due to construction of new road, bridge/culvert, river training and bank protection and approach road.    Determine effect on water management, fisheries, ecology, socio-economic structure in the region. Address the resettlement issues and prepare preliminary resettlement plan. Prepare environment management plan to mitigate adverse impacts. Water Resource Planning, report preparation on Environmental and Resettlement aspects, interact with different stakeholders, etc. Below are his relevant experience and training: 

Environmental Expert, Consultancy Services Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design for a) construction of Bridge at Ferry Location at 70th Km on Labukhali – Dumki – Boga – Dashmina – Golachipa – Amragachi Road (Z8806); (Length: 600 m) (b) construction of Bridge at Ferry Location at 53rd Km on Barishal – Jhalokhati – Bhandaria – Perojpur Road (R870) over the river Kocha; (Length: 1400 m) and (c) construction of Bridge at Ferry Location at 8th Km. on Rahmatpur – Babugonj – Muladia – Hizlakok Road (Z8034) under BBA"(Length: 1400 m). Responsible for environmental impact assessment. 

AsEnvironmental & Resettlement Expert (From June 2005 to April 2006), workedforConstruction ofKhulna Bypass Road under Rupsa Bridge Construction Project under Roads & Highways Department (RHD).           

AsTeam Leader / Environmental & Resettlement Expert (From May 2002 to May 2005), 230 KV Transmission line: Ashugonj-Jamuna Bridge-Serajgonj Project, 230 KV Transmission line :Khulna-Ishurdi Project, 230 KV Transmission line Baghabari-Serajgonj-Bogra Project, undertook initial evaluation, impact assessment, resettlement plan, socio-economic survey for PAFs, etc.           

As Environmental Expert (From March 2002 to April 2002), KFAED funded Sylhet Town By pass with link to SylhetFenchuganj Road under Sylhet-Tamabil-Jaflong Road Improvement Project of RHD, assessed and evaluated positive and negative impacts, recommended management plan, post construction monitoring plan to ensure environmental protection, preparation of reports, etc.

Environmental Specialist (From August to December 2001), Khulna Bypass Road under Rupsa Bridge Construction Project of RHD. 

As Environmental Specialist (From January to December 2000), PARIBESH (Prevention and Research for Better Environment and Safe Health), was responsible for solid and hazardous waste management policies, ecological study of river system, water and air pollution of Dhaka City, environmental impact assessment etc. 

As Chief Engineer/Director General, BWDB/Superintending Engineer, EGIS-II, WARPO/Superintending Engineer, River Research Institute, Executive Engineer/ Assistant Engineer, Planning and Design in Flood Control and Drainage Projects under Bangladesh Water Development Board worked for 32 years in administration, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of multi component program in Water Resources and Rural Development. Participated with World Bank, UNDP and other international organization in Water Sector and Rural Development Study and multidisciplinary planning process of National Water Plan of Bangladesh.