Urban and Infrastructure Development

Under this Sector the works undertaken by SARM covers all the major aspects detailed to the preparation of Land-use plan. Works done include detailed existing land use survey including topographical and flood characteristics of the area, collection of socio-economic and demographic data, determination of study area based on future potential development, detailed plan for development of urban areas identifying suitable locations of respective zones, circulation network, social services and determination of future land requirements depending on the projected size of population and physical development patterns.

Completed works under this sector include:

  • Consultancy Services for Second Urban Governance & Infrastructure Improvement Sector Project (UGIIP-II) of LGED.
  • Construction of Port Facilities in order to prevent unauthorized encroachment of the Buriganga River and its foreshore Land of BIWTA.
  • Planning and Designing of Various Infrastructure and Utility Plans and Components with Ancillary Works for Purbachal New Town Project of RAJUK.
  • Preparation of Master Plan for NilphamariPourashava.
  • Land-Use Plan for NetrokonaZilaShahar, Madan and MohanganjUpzilaShahars, GaibandhaZilaShahar and 3 Upazilas in Gaibandha and 5 Upazilas in Jessore Districts.